If you take a close look at your car interior, your raincoat, your mattress or in your shoes you could discover knitted technical fabrics from Ames Europe.

Our fabrics can be found in seating and interiors of all major car brands like BMW, Volvo, Toyota, VW, Mercedes, PSA and GM. You may sit on our fabrics in trains of SNCF and NS and they protect you when wearing your Helly Hansen raincoat or Goretex protective clothing.

Special fabrics have been developed to give flexibility to police jackets, protection to ballistic vests, absorption to mattresses and stability to roofing constructions.

In most cases our knitted fabrics are not visible for the human eye. They act as a base for a laminate or for a coating, like imitation leather . The fabric gives the end product the properties it needs for the application.

Just take a close look at the possibilities our fabrics offer and join Ames Europe in developing and producing solutions for your company or even for your industry.




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