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If you take a close look at your car interior, your waterproof jacket or your comfortable mattress you could discover knitted technical fabrics from Ames Europe. Our fabrics can be found in seating and interiors of all major car brands like BMW, Volvo, Toyota, VW, Mercedes, PSA and GM. You may sit on our fabrics in trains, trucks or planes and they protect you when wearing your Helly Hansen raincoat or Goretex breathable clothing.

Custom engineered fabrics have been developed to minimize weight in car seating, give flexibility to police jackets, protection to ballistic vests and comfort to mattresses and cushions.

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Knitting & Finishing

Knitting & Finishing

Ames Europe has in house warping, knitting and finishing facilities for manufacturing high performance technical fabrics.

R&D Center

R&D Center

All Ames Europe fabrics are developed, tested and approved at our in house Laboratory within the Izmir manufacturing location.

Customised Manufacturing

Customised Manufacturing

Ames Europe offers in house manufacturing of spacer fabric related articles like mattress covers, toppers, and cushions.

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