Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview

“Ames Europe Today”

Ames Europe develops, manufactures and supplies knitted technical fabrics.

Our fabrics and solutions go into industrial sectors with high performance requirements like the automotive, protective wear and mattress industry. We supply our AMES XTENDO Circular Knitted Technical Fabrics world-wide.

Ames Europe is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Ames Europe Tekstil is the development centre and manufacturing location and is located in the Free Trade Zone of Gaziemir, near Izmir, Turkey.

Ames North America starts production in 2020 from its new production location in North Carolina


  • 1865 Founding of Ames Textile Corporation, Lowell, USA (ATC)
  • 1963 Founding of Ames Textiel Unie, Enschede, Netherlands, as European HQ of ATC
  • 1985 Ames acquired by Gamma Holding, Netherlands
  • 1994 Renamed in Ames Europe Group
  • 2000 Introduction of first circular knitted Spacer Fabrics
  • 2006 Ames Europe Group acquired by private investor
  • 2012 Start of Ames Europe Tekstil, Izmir, Turkey as a joint venture between Ames Europe and Sun Tekstil. Development and manufacturing of warp knitted Spacer Fabrics
  • 2015 Start of new production facility in Izmir, Turkey for development and manufacturing of Circular Knitted Technical Fabrics and warp knitted Spacer Fabrics.
  • 2019 Start of new production facility in North Carolina USA